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Pollywanacraka: Tyre Nichols And Systemic White Supremacy

Pollywanacraka: Tyre Nichols and Systemic White Supremacy

30 January 2023

On the 7th of Jan 23, Tyre Nichols was murdered in the USA by five black policemen. This blog explores why White Supremacy still sits central to this tragedy.

Decolonise Me V: Becoming Woke To Racism

Decolonise Me V: Becoming Woke to Racism

19 January 2023

On the back of receiving a racist image, this months blog continues the drive to call out these kind of aggressions, and considers how trauma plays a role in racism.

Being Black X: Loving The Black Inner Child

Being Black X: Loving the Black Inner Child

9 January 2023

The wounded inner child resides within most of us. This month we consider just how much power the inner child can have over our relationships if left unchecked, and how we can repair such a wound.

Narcissus And Echo: A Mythical Dance Made Reality

Narcissus and Echo: A mythical dance made reality

5 January 2023

Exploring the dance between narcissism and its compatriot echoism, this blog reveals the roles these both take, personally, collectively, and internally also.

Clarkson/Markle: The Weaponising Of Shame

Clarkson/Markle: The Weaponising of Shame

3 January 2023

This months blog explore the psychology behind the use of shame as a weapon to subjugate of the other in systems of supremacy in the wake of the Clarkson/Markle conflict from December 2022