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My style of working is called Integrative, and this involves utilising many ways of working with clients. Most important of all is the relationship between the client and myself, as this helps facilitate healing and growth beyond the presenting issue.

Integrative working means my work is often creative, with great store put on the understanding of the client through their dreams, knowledge of music, drawing, and other forms of art.

Alternatively, I am also adept at working psychodynamically, which would involve working with any early life difficulties via the unconscious communications present in the room.

Next, integrative means of working work well culturally. Because there is no one type of therapy that fits all cultural differences, it is important as a therapist to adapt my style of working to that of the cultural other I am working with. Truly working integratively offers me the means to do that competently.

My particular training was from a Transpersonal perspective, through the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE), so my way of working can often involve aspects and types of spirituality, viewing and encouraging the growth of a client’s inner self at a very deep and spiritual level. More about my background and training.