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There is often a lot of confusion about the difference between counselling and psychotherapy.

To put this briefly, counselling involves a lot more surface work, problem solving, looking at issues in one’s day to day living; areas whereby a piece of short-term work between myself and you, the client, could quickly benefit you and help you find ways to cope with your everyday living.

Psychotherapy thought works on a deeper level.  Often using creative techniques like drawing or sand play, or looking at dream work, the work involves exploring the unconscious drivers that may actually inhibit our changes in day to day living.

My work covers a variety of both perspectives.  Some of you may well just need me to act as a guide through the later stage of life, being bereavement or some type of loss. Whereas others perhaps will need some help with early attachment issues or others areas whereby the issues perhaps need a bit more time and space to be explored.

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