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Decolonising Me III: Black Isolation and the Inner Child

30 June 2022
This month we look at the pain of the inner child through a black lens, and how this wound, when unresolved, leads to an absence of adult relationships.

Decolonising Me II: Escaping the Homoerotic Shackles of the White Male Gaze

30 May 2022
Through Twitter, I picked up a challenge to write about what it is like to be part of the sexual fantasies of cishet white men, and its impact upon men of colour. This is an early exploration of this taboo topic.

#DecoloniseThis I: Clothing and Colonialism

28 April 2022
This months blog begins a longer exploration of just how colonised we all are. Focusing in on the importance of clothing, how we dress, and who we dress for, this month looks at one of the more subtle areas of cultural and psychological colonisation.

A Father’s Song: An Ode from a Dad to his Daughter

31 March 2022
We don't talk enough about fatherhood. Whilst we often discuss what it is to be black, what it is to be oppressed, and the cost of the absent father, we rarely consider the positives in black fatherhood. This blog, this personal rendition from a black father, looks at this experience of black masculinity. It is my gift to the black fathers everywhere.

Being Black VIII: Self-Abuse and the Adapted Other

3 March 2022
Within psychotherapy, we underestimate the power that socially constructed aspects of our identity have upon us. With their inherent power dynamics, the challenge to adapt, to fit in, can ultimately become a caged bondage of our own making, if we are not careful, where we seek out others who delight in taking on the keys to our cells on our behalf.

Being Black VII: Surviving Echoism in an Age of Supremacy

3 February 2022
Given that this month marks 1 Year since the publication of #Mockingbird, i wanted to write something to mark the occasion; not necessarily something celebratory, but something which speaks of the journey from echo to authentic.

Being Black VI: The Pain of Black Masculinity in an age of White Patriarchy

25 October 2021
This month's blog explores the intersections between systemic patriarchy and white supremacy. Told through the personalised experiences of black pain, this blog calls for allies from those who would see themselves as such but who are unconsciously complicit in the oppression of blackness.

Supremacy Burning: Cultural Narcissism and the Abuse of the Other

13 September 2021
Through the personal, to the collective, this month's blog explores an experience we all have, that of enduring cultural narcissistic abuse.

Being Black IV: The Strengthsitivity of the Black Father

16 July 2021
This month's blog is a further exploration of black fatherhood from both a personal and psychological perspective, and is especially relevant in the age of Black Lives Matter.

Shaking off the Shackles of Adapted Black Masculinity

28 June 2021
In this, the third exploration of black masculinity, we now consider the role of adaptation, its drivers both political and social, and how this not only saves black men, but also leads sadly to sense of inauthenticity and loneliness.

The Lockdown Diaries Pt 2: Lessons In (Black) Happiness

26 April 2021
Part two of an extensive exploration of the trials and tribulations of the past year, and looks at how this has impacted upon us all.

End of Year Blog

1 April 2021
The CoronaVirus is not so much the cause of the panic we are seeing around the West. It is the lack of direction from those we ask to watch over us, from those we nominate to be our political parents.