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My style of working is called integrative. This involves utilising many different styles of practice with my clients, from working psychodynamically for those clients who have early life attachment issues for example, to working in a more relational way with clients who have that sort of experience, to working using creativity to access unconscious processes.  My style of working is built around your specific needs.

Integrative ways of working work well culturally.  Because there is no one type of therapy that fits all cultural differences, and especially privilege and otherness, it is important for me to adapt my style of working to that of the cultural other I am sat with.  Truly working integratively offers me the means to do that to a competent level.

To say a bit more about myself, I trained as a psychotherapist, qualifying in 2004 and completing my Masters in 2005.  I then worked for the Aylesbury Centre for Counselling between 2004 and 2006, before going into private practice full-time.  I am a clinical supervisor, having qualified at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in 2008 and gained my Doctorate through the University of Northampton in 2017.

Professionally, I am currently a Senior Lecturer in the Psychodynamic PGDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy training at School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Brighton in East Sussex.

I have run numerous workshops, facilitated groups, presented at conferences both nationally and internationally, and I am a published author with over 20 articles published, one book and numerous podcasts. Find out more about my published works.

Alongside this, I live outside of London on the south coast.  I am a father and I enjoy most things geeky.  For example, I have a distinct love of comic books, science fiction and fantasy and just sitting by the sea reading anything and everything that is not psychotherapy.