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My activism work is an essential tenet of my world.  Fighting for the rights of the other to be heard, seen and respected is an important moralistic part of the privilege and otherness work I do. I fight to give a voice to the other, so they can find themselves and be more present in the lives that they reside within.

I work with many intersectional versions of difference, be they people from the LGBTQ+ community, women, the working classes, persons of colour, the disabled or any person who feels that they are marginalised in some way or form.  I take it personally in my attempts to find help for you, the client, or you, the other, to find your way in a world where there are layers of oppression and marginalisation.

This can be done either through one-to-one work or in presentations at conferences, where I often present in and around these issues. I offer perspectives and encouragement for those who are particularly active to maintain and use their voice for the greater good.