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"By ourselves we can enjoy life, but to really appreciate life we must find companionship!"

The most important aspect of my work as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist..

...is my relationship to you, my client!

To explain further, only through your feeling comfortable with our working relationship will we be able to create an appropriate environment, and help you achieve your goals. And only with that commitment can the change take place which will enable you to move ahead with your life.

Ways of working

Our time together normally begins with a period of 'getting to know you'. This is where we discuss the areas you would like to develop, go deeper into your background so I have a good idea of who you are, and where we look at the various ways in which I may be able to assist you. The basics of this process are normally conducted during the Initial Assessment, but this can take a few more sessions beyond this stage.

Alongside this, I use a number of ways or working which include:

Cognitive Ways Of Working

Occasionally, I will ask you to do bits of work outside of the sessions. These are designed to help you think about your situation from a different perspective, away from counselling environment. I find this way of working helpful for you the client as it encourages you to ground whatever you might learn about yourself back in your world.

Creative Ways Of Working

Within the sessions there may come a time where we will work creatively, either drawing, using meditation techniques. In particular, if you have any dreams working with this aspect of your unconscious world could be an important so I would encourage you to bring any dreams you feel might be significant, if you have them. I may even (and this is a favourite of mine) ask you to bring in some music which means something to you personally so that we can discuss together. All of these creative ways of working use symbolism as a means of my better understanding you and your issues, and therefore of you increasing understanding of yourself.

Using Dreams

Jung called dreams the 'gateway to the unconscious', and I always encourage my clients to write down any dreams that they may have as these often point to a hidden part of the Self which is important for you, the client, to be aware of. There may be messages located in the unconscious, or hidden parts of yourself which you have suppressed but now need to rediscover in order to move forward, and my way of working is therefore designed to help you reveal these parts of yourself in a contained and safe environment.
All of these skills are designed to help you better understand yourself, but don't worry if you don't like to draw, or don't dream; even through just talking and my feeding back to you a broader picture of all you have presented can your growth continue!

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