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A Father’s Song: An Ode From A Dad To His Daughter

A Father’s Song: An Ode from a Dad to his Daughter

31 March 2022

We don’t talk enough about fatherhood. Whilst we often discuss what it is to be black, what it is to be oppressed, and the cost of the absent father, we rarely consider the positives in black fatherhood. This blog, this personal rendition from a black father, looks at this experience of black masculinity. It is my gift to the black fathers everywhere.

Being Black VIII: Self-Abuse And The Adapted Other

Being Black VIII: Self-Abuse and the Adapted Other

3 March 2022

Within psychotherapy, we underestimate the power that socially constructed aspects of our identity have upon us. With their inherent power dynamics, the challenge to adapt, to fit in, can ultimately become a caged bondage of our own making, if we are not careful, where we seek out others who delight in taking on the keys to our cells on our behalf.